STAY THE COURSE: Who Says You Can't Make a Comeback?

Yesterday afternoon as I was sitting up in my bed watching an old Jane Eyre movie on Amazon Prime, I received a news alert on my phone that Tiger Woods had won the 2019 Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, GA at the age of 43. I immediately jumped up, ran to my computer and Googled "Tiger Woods Masters." I was so overwhelmed with joy because I knew the obstacles he had to overcome to get back on top again.

After winning 14 major tournaments in eleven years as a pro, between 1997 and 2008, it would take another eleven years before winning this 15th major title. During those 11 years, Tiger endured self-inflicted emotional turmoil and at least 6 surgeries, 3 of which were back operations. Can you imagine being in a slump that long?

As you can imagine the naysayers were in full force. "He's washed up." "He'll never win another Major." "He needs to retire." One headline read, "Tiger Woods is an embarrassment to golf." The knives were out! Nevertheless, he stayed the course. I'm sure there were times he even questioned if he could make a comeback. On yesterday, he proved his critics wrong. The very hypocrites who dissed him the loudest were the same ones out front singing his praises, "The greatest comeback in the history of sports." Rightfully so, of course. Go figure!

I remember quitting my job in 2008 to start my business full time, not knowing the market would crash and my hopes and dreams would also be dashed. I kept thinking, "How could this be?" I was struggling. I had to downsize my life but, like Tiger, I kept grinding. In spite of my reality, there was a drive within me that made me dare to believe that my latter days would be greater than my former days. Caving was not an option.

Life has a way of throwing a monkey wrench in the best of our plans and progress. Perhaps you are facing a setback right now. Maybe you're dealing with the aftermath of a bankruptcy, foreclosure, business failure, career damage, health challenge, relationship breakdown or some other loss. Everything in you might be saying, "It's over." "Give up." "It's too late." "You'll never get back up again."

Like Tiger, your comeback might take a decade or more. This is where the rubber meets the road! Most people give up after a couple of years of struggle thinking that if they haven't recovered by now they never will. What separates the weak from the strong is an inner resolve and resilience. If you lose something that you "really" want, you will not let the setback deter you. You might have to endure criticism, snickering, being misunderstood, brokenness, fear... whatever it may be.

Tiger's story should inspire all of us. You can make a comeback. The key is to:

1. Block out the distractions and stay laser focused

2. Be mentally tough because it won't always be easy

3. Allow yourself to be vulnerable with a close confidant

4. Measure your progress and celebrate small victories

5. Keep a diary of your journey

Mount your comeback. Who wants to look back over their life with regrets and "What if's?" I certainly don't and I don't think you do either do you.


** As an entrepreneur, author, speaker and professional coach, I empower women to confront their challenges and achieve extraordinary outcomes. For a complimentary download of "Ten Fundamental Truths You Must Believe to Transform Your Dream Into Reality, visit **


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