LAW OF ATTRACTION: Creating a Vision Board That Transforms

Updated: May 11, 2019

With the release of the best-selling book, The Secret, some thirteen years ago, the law of attraction immediately became the new buzz term. The air waves were bombarded with experts on the talk show circuit giving their spin on this "new" phenomenon.

The truth of the matter is that the law of attraction has been in existence since the creation of time. For decades, many of us have been guided by this spiritual principle as a natural way of living... written declarations, a picture of our dream car, career, business, home, or a journal of our most heart-felt desires, posted in strategic places at work and home. We understood that what we get what we believe, and that what we focus on most is what we become.

In January of 2006, when people typically make New Year's resolutions, I created a vision board of the wonderful things I desire to see more of in my life. I went through magazines and clipped images, headings and quotes to create a visual imagery of places and things I wished to attract more of in my life. The images included a picture of a resort with a lounge chair on a white sandy beach and blue ocean, performers in their theatrical attire, a circle of hands (relationships), an exercise instructor, beautiful flowers, a grilled salmon meal on fine china, sparkling water, a cathedral, an aquarium, books, gifts, a huge Cross and much more, with a large eagle's eye at the center. I pasted these clippings onto an 18" x 36" board and hung it on the wall in my office. Each day I walked in my office, I have a visualization of moments and things that have brought enjoyment in my life or my goals and dreams for the future.

As the years have passed, many of these desires have become common place in my life. I've replaced some of these images with a bigger vision for my life, including business and personal dreams.

What do you want to experience more of in your life? I encourage you to create a vision board of what you want to see in more abundance. I don't mean some magical wish list, but a life you help create with your universe partner. You might want to use a certain theme, a cause dear to your heart or overall life enrichment.

Place your vision board in a location where you will view it on a regular basis. Allow the visualization to be a constant reminder of the possibilities available to you. Let it inspire you on those difficult days and energize you more on your best days.

Take Action Challenge

Set aside a couple of hours this week to collect the many images, titles and quotes that appeal to your sense of meaning and fulfillment. Assemble them randomly on the board, with a center piece that conveys a special meaning to you. Have fun with it!

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