From Commoner to Royalty: How Meghan Markle's Rise Should Inspire All Women - pt. 2

This week I share the final 5 takeaway from Meghan Markle's story should inspire us to reflect upon the possibilities for our own lives, whether it be professional, relational, financial or spiritual. Numbers 6 through 10 are as follows:

6. It’s not about you

In their first sit-down interview together, Meghan explained that she and Prince Harry spent their first date together talking about activism and how they can impact the world for the better. They both understood that their greater purpose in life was not self-serving, but to use their platform to enrich the lives of others.

The sooner we come to realize that our purpose in life is not about position and possessions, the better we can navigate the vicissitudes of life without retreating in the face of difficulties. Your destiny steps will connect you with like-mind people who share a common cause.

7. What’s your deal breaker?

When asked if she understand the enormity of what she was getting into by dating Prince Harry, Meghan responded that, at the start, she had no idea of what it would be like. She admitted that she didn’t know much about him when they were first introduced. I’m sure she was aware of his status as a member of the Royal family, but she didn’t know Prince Harry, the person.

When a friend approached her about meeting the Prince, her major concern was “Is he nice?” In other words, was he someone she could see herself with for the long haul. She understood that all that glitters isn’t gold, that one’s status doesn’t translate into lasting happiness.

We too must look beyond the surface when making potential life-changing decisions. Ask the right questions, make sure your sources are trustworthy and keep an open mind.

8. Be about your business

When Meghan and Prince Harry met, she was a busy actress on the hit series, Suits. She resided in Canada where the filming took place. Meghan was a 34-year-old successful, independent woman already involved in activism work fighting gender inequality. As an active feminist she became an advocate for the United Nations, a position that took her aboard to visit countries such as Rwanda, where a majority of the parliament are women.

Like Meghan, we should enjoy the journey. Don’t be afraid to step through your open doors. Each forward step you take has a way of opening doors to even greater opportunities.

9. Be diligent where you are

Meghan didn’t sit around waiting for her knight is shining armor to whisk her off her feet and ride into the sunset. She was walking the red carpet, meeting people and driving her career. She wasn’t scheming and planning how to could meet Prince Harry. She had put herself in a place that allowed the introduction to occur organically.

If we waste our time focusing on what we don’t have, we can become complacent and stuck in a rut. It we’re not careful, we can forfeit meeting the right people and being in the right place that are instrumental to reaching our destiny.

10. Your world can change in a flash

Meghan and Prince Harry began dating in 2016, became engaged in 2017 and married in 2018. In the span of two years, Meghan went from commoner to British royalty, a modern-day fairytale. Her story is proof that your circumstances can change suddenly. One good break can catapult your life from ordinary to extraordinary. I’ve experienced it in my own life.

Get Inspiration from Meghan's story

Look beyond your circumstances to the hope for greater things ahead. All things are possible to those who believe!


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