FACT OF LIFE: Success is Part of Your DNA!

As a professional coach I listen to men and women on a regular basis express their challenges on the job, in their businesses, relationships and life in general. However, what I “hear” are opportunities and possibilities they had not considered. In asking them key questions, they are able to view their challenges from a new prospective and turn them into successes.

Success is not something that is reserved for a few lucky people. The seeds of success are buried within each of us—it is part of our DNA. The challenge is to nurture those seeds to sprout and produce fruit in our lives. Part of nurturing the seeds is to not give up in times of adversity. The road to success is not easily navigated. We can expect adversity on our jobs, conflicts in relationships or struggles in our business. The question is not “if” we will face these challenges, but how we will overcome them “when” they occur.

Your success is not defined by someone else’s definition, which is the standard by which most people measure success. That explains why too many people are frustrated and unfulfilled. For example, if long blonde hair and blue eye are not in your physical DNA, then you don’t need them. If you weren’t born in the Rockefeller lineage, then you don’t need it. Capitalize on what you do have.

Your success is not determined by your environment or upbringing. They may present challenges along the way, but once you understand that you have the power to not accept defeat or tolerate certain behaviors and attitudes, you will begin to experience more success in your life.

Quitting or caving in is not part of your DNA. Fears, despondency and complacency are not part of your make-up. They are pesky little parasites that sneak in and attach themselves to your psyche to keep you stuck in your neutral zone—wanting a better life but not making progress. You have everything you need to do whatever you set your heart and mind to do; to overcome your fears, doubts, other people’s opinions, lack and self-limiting beliefs.

You are not the mistakes you made in the past. You are not the failures you’ve experienced. You may not be perfect; none of us are, but you are strong and brilliant! You can have a successful career or business doing what you love. You can have meaningful relationships that are both give and take. It’s in you, but it’s up to you to cultivate that seed.

You are equipped with everything you need to succeed, but you have to make up your mind that you’re going to exploit it.

What's in your DNA? Perhaps it's a physical attribute, intellect, personality, creativity, leadership or any combination or traits that shape your genetic makeup. If you don't know, ask your friends and family what unique qualities you possess. They are often able to see in you what you cannot see in yourself.

Once you understand what those unique and special characteristics are, you can exploit them in a good way. You are inherently endowed with gifts to be successful, created to win. It's in your DNA!


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