Don't be Afraid of Change!

Updated: Aug 19, 2018

Perhaps you’re contemplating a change in some area of your life but you're feeling somewhat fretful. Please understand that fear is a normal emotion for one to experience when stepping out, not knowing with certainty what the outcome will be. We are not always given the insight of seeing very far up the road ahead. We're usually only given enough light to take the next step. Quite frankly, in many cases, that's enough! Because sometimes, if we knew in advance the rough terrain we'd have to travel to reach our destination, many of us wouldn't even begin the journey.

I can certainly relate to the fear one can feel in stepping out of one's comfort zone as I took the step of faith to begin presenting quarterly seminars. "What if nobody shows up?" "What if?, what if?, what if?..." These were questions from my fears and doubts. But, because I knew this endeavor was in line with my calling, I forged ahead in spite of my trepidation. I became more committed to my dream than my fears in order to help enrich the lives of others. The fruit was worth the temporary discomfort!

As uncomfortable as change may be, it is a necessary cycle for growth in our lives. Without change we'd remain stuck in a state of complacency and frustration. If you're going to live your dreams and become all you were created to be, you're going to have to accept change as the bridge between your present and pre-destined state. When you can't see your way, you must have the inner assurance that your circumstances are being divinely orchestrated.

I haven't always handled the transitions in my life very well. I often found myself stumbling in the direction in which I was being led. I tended to hold on to the familiar longer than I should. At times I hesitated and need to be "nudged" into the next assignment in my life. Yet, inevitably, it was a peaceful place; a contented state of mind.

With every new challenge there is fear; just know that. Once you conquer your fear in one area and get ready to face a new challenge, you're going to face fear. We should use fear to propel us rather than make us shrink back. You'd be surprised to know that the people you most admire for their great accomplishments also face fear. But the difference between them and the majority is that they use fear as an adrenaline to push them forward.

Although you might not be able to see very far up the road ahead, your part is to step into the light that has been revealed to you rather than trying to figure out every step of the way. If you're going to get to the next level in your life, you're going to have to walk by faith. Don't allow yourself to get hooked on any one road to get you to your next divine assignment. There may be some detours along the way. Just stay alert and enjoy the journey!

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