BROKEN PIECES: Don't Focus on What You Lost. You Can Make it With What You Have Left

In spite of our well intentions, we live in a world of uncertainty where our lofty goals and expectations can all come crumbling down. For example, a loved one dies and we feel as if we can't go on. Our business fails and causes us to doubt ourselves. A betrayal in a relationship has a way of making us lose confidence. A health issue can send us into emotional despair. There are many experiences in life that can break us mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

When I quit my corporate job 11 years ago to start my coaching practice, I was on cloud nine! I had been getting my ducks in a row for more than a year in preparation for this major life transition.

Little did I know that my plans would all go up in smoke within 4 months when the economy went into a tailspin and thus the onset on a recession. Millions people, including myself, lost money in the stock market. Most households were feeling the pinch. As you can imagine, investing in coaching services would not be a high priority at a time like this. My business suffered as a result.

It took several years of persistence and resilience for my business to take off but my diligence eventually paid off. My faith was tested from within and without. I would often second guess whether I had actually heard from God about making this bold move. I was told by a family member that I should have never left my 6-figure corporate job. I refused to give in to the pressure by focusing on what I lost. My recovery took longer than I had anticipated but, against the odds, I was able to make it through.

You might be in a situation right now where you've lost in a relationship, business, health, finances or some other area in life. Here are 5 Do's and Don'ts to keep before you during this difficult time:

1. Don't lose your faith. Keep believing in yourself and your dream.

2. Do continue to take steps forward, even if only baby steps.

3. Don't succumb to the pressure from your naysayers regardless of how well intention-ed.

4. Do have a support system; at least someone who believes in and encourages you.

5. Do stay the course. Be resilient as your recovery might take some time.

We can all experience periods of brokenness when faced with unexpected losses. It's okay to stop and reflect. Losing doesn't mean that it's over. What you learn during adversity will prepare you for your breakthrough.

You can make it on the broken pieces. The key is to focus on what you have left (faith, health, skills, connections, etc.) and not on what you lost.

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