REDESIGN YOUR REALITY:  A Blueprint For How to Transform Your Life From Surviving to Thriving
Book format: soft cover
Price: $19.95
Do you ever look at your life and wonder if this is as good as it gets?

If you’re feeling stuck in some area of your life and ready to make a change, then this is just the right book for you. Redesign Your Reality is life changing.


Presenting her blueprint for change as a four-stage process, Rebecca inspires and equips you to take charge of your life and create the future you truly desire. In walking you through each stage – from laying a firm foundation to fulfilling your dreams – Rebecca provides thought-provoking questions and reflective exercises. These tools help you manage life’s transitions, explore possibilities, and unleash potential.


Naturally, we want life to produce as little discomfort as possible. But embracing change requires stretching beyond safety zones. Rebecca McClain helps you do just that in a positive, life-affirming way. You’ll inextricably be drawn into Rebecca’s clear, well-organized steps toward transformation.


REDESIGN YOUR REALITY:  97 Keys to Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Genius
Book format: e-book
Price: $12.95
Those who manage to beat the statistical odds and create thriving businesses understand that it's not by accident, but by intention. They've discovered and implemented key elements to unlock new levels of success in their businesses.   


In this go-to reference guide you'll learn ninety-seven key strategies that will attract more clients to your business, generate more income and give you the freedom to enjoy a more meaningful and fulfilling life. Begin executing them as part of your growth strategy and get ready to experience a quantum leap in your business. Perfect For:

  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Avoid beginner’s mistakes

  • New Entrepreneurs: Accelerate your growth

  • Seasoned Business Owners: Experience higher profits

  • Business Coaches: Help your clients overcome challenges

  • Professional Speakers & Trainers: Inspire your audience to take action

  • Students: Prepare for the future

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